Birth of the Phoenix
by Harriett B. Varney Miller

Witness a realistic portrayal of a woman’s complex life in a book that will empower abused women to fight for their rights and emerge as confident, brilliant, and powerful.

Birth of the Phoenix is a poignant yet gallant story of a woman whose marriage is filled not with love, but infinite pain and agony. Beth thought that her marriage to Jeff would save her from being alone after her parents’ death. Little did she know that Jeff would be her worst nightmare and her marriage would be her greatest and most painful sacrifice. On the surface, people would think she had everything that she wanted. When in reality, she was like a pincushion that was constantly poked with pinches, punches, harsh words, evil looks, insults, and hostility. In short, she was an abused wife until a near-death incident changed everything.

From living in a hell-like marriage, with every moment with Jeff filled with nothing but fear and pain, Beth will reclaim her life and experience rebirth. She will emerge as an empowered woman who will fight for her rights and the safety of her child, free from Jeff’s hostility. Her battle in court has just begun. Will Beth triumph against Jeff, and will she be able to find true love? Read the book to find out.

Through Birth of the Phoenix, readers will discover the essence and value of a woman and will understand the real meaning of a wife. Giving out insights on women’s rights, this powerful book will make a difference in every woman’s life.